Admissions 2021


Institution's Innovation Council (IIC)

Institute’s Innovation Council is an attempt to transform our graduates into job creators rather than job seekers. It is set up as per the National Innovation and Startup policy guidelines. Entrepreneur alumni as well as established entrepreneurs are roped into provide guidance and handholding to aspiring entrepreneurs. The assistance offered is not limited to our alumni alone. RBS-IIC will support and assist other entrepreneur aspirants as well. RBS currently offers entrepreneurship and family business management as an elective course. It also conducts EDPs and FDPs using innovative tools like simulations and cases. RBS is associated with cesim for offering training in Teaching with Simulations. RBS uses cesim as well as HBSP simulations on a regular basis. RBS has many certified simulation trainers among its faculty. Faculty members bring more than five decades of combined industrial experience, which will be shared with our students and mentees.

Meeting Minutes:

Innovation & Start-up Policy formulation Committee Members


Member Name



Mr. Thomas John

MD, Agappe Diagnostics Ltd


 Mr. Rakesh Menon

Founder, Travelngo Tours


Mr. Louis Issac

Founder, True Code Pvt Ltd


Mr. Mathew George

Founder, Technovia Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Mr. Renjith Joseph

Founder, Bizessence Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd


Mr. Vineeth Sahadevan

Founder, Kiwi Ads


Mr. Vivek Chemmanda

Founder, Bizessence Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd


Fr. Francis Manavalan CMI

Asst. Director (Rajagiri Valley Campus)


Dr.Sunil Puliyakot

Director RBS


Prof. Abhilash Nambudiri

Faculty RBS


Prof. Issac K. Varghese

Faculty RBS


 Prof. Mani P. Sam

Faculty RBS


IIC Council Members

Sl.No Name IIC Role
Teaching Members:
1 Dr. Sunil Puliyakot, Director, Rajagiri Business School President
2 Prof. Mani P Sam Convenor
3 Prof. Abhilash Nambudiri Innovation activity coordinator
4 Dr. Issac K.V. Start-up activity coordinator
5 Fr.Francis Manavalan Internship Coordinator & Social Media Coordinator
6 Prof. Mani P. Sam IPR activity coordinator
Expert Representation:
8  Dr. R. Meenakshi Sundaram, Patent Attorney, Advocate -  Madras High Court IP Expert/ Patent Expert

1. Mr. Louis Issac, Founder, Truecode.                             

2. Mr. Mathew George, Founder, Technovia Info Solutions Pvt. ltd.                

3. Mr. Renjith Joseph, Founder, Bizessence Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd.   4. Mr. Vineeth Sahadevan, Founder, Kiwi Ads.                                                        

5. Mr. Vivek Chemmanda, Founder, Bizessence Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd.              

Startup / Alumni entrepreneur 

1. Mr. Thomas John, MD, Agappe Diagnostics Ltd.                                    

2. Rakesh Menon, Founder, Travelngo Tours.

Expert from nearby Industry/ Industry association/ Ecosystem Enablers
11 Mr. M.K.Kannan, Chairman, Datafield Industries Pvt. Ltd FI/Bank/Investor/Angel Investor/VC
12 Mr. Nivin Vinoi, Asst. Professor, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences Incubation Centre
13 1. Lovis Reji
2. Mary Tresa George
Innovation coordinator
14 1. Rassal Shaji
2. Yaseen K Mohammed
Startup coordinator
15 1. Aditya Madhusudanan
2. Ansu Jain Joseph
3. Mathew Noby
Internship coordinator
16 1. Fibin K  Johnson
2. Irene Mariam Reji
3. Deepthi Pradeep
Social Media coordinator