FPM Admission 2021

SC/ST Committee


As per the Provisions laid down by the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, Act No. 33 OF 1989, dated 11/09/1989) and as per the AICTE directives to be adhered and followed by the Educational Institute in this regard, following shall be the SC/ST Committee of Rajagiri Business School.


This Committee shall be functioning for the following objectives of this Act.

  • To implement, monitor and evaluate continuously the Reservation Policy in the Institute (if any applicable).
  • To take necessary steps of measuring for ensuring effective implementation of the policy & programmes/schemes of the State and Central Govt. for SC/ST, if any.
  • To ensure the Prevention of Atrocities (as defined within the meaning of this Act) on the SC/ST Staff, Faculty and Students.
  • To hear and resolve the issues/complaints if any; of such nature of Atrocity reported/complained.
  • To conduct the inquiries on the reported & complained issues and to aid the Management of the Institute in this regard for the justice and smooth functioning of the Institute.

Following are the members of SC/ST Committee for the Academic Year 2020-21:



Appointed as:

Dr. Sunil Puliyakot


Head of the Committee

Dr. Angela Susan Mathew

Asst. Professor

Faculty Representative

Mathiuchunliu Chawang


Student Representative

Adahrii Manikho


Student Representative

Ms. Ginju T M

Junior Officer – Exams

Non-teaching staff representative


Complaints/issues can be raised to the head of the committee through email: director.rbs@rajagiri.edu


Useful documents/Notices: