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Office of International Relations

Welcome to the Office of International Relations

Rajagiri Business School (RBS) has given unparalleled service to Indian education and the region since its foundation in 2008, drawing on the great cultural traditions of the West and Asia. We shall strive to continue to offer the highest standards of teaching, research and scholarship practiced in the international academic community, in an environment conducive to creativity, learning, freedom of thought, enquiry and expression.

To fulfil our mission, the Office of International Relations is established to maintain closer communication with overseas institutions of finer quality in the aspects of academic collaboration and research and various international activities that amount to this goal.

Located on the 5th floor of the RBS building, the office primarily serves as:

  1. The Office for upkeep, updation and expansion of International Partnerships and Agreements
  2. The Office for International Programs, which facilitate scholarships and support for study and internship abroad opportunities for students of RBS.
  3. The International facilitator both for outbound and inbound international mobility of both staff and students.
  4. The support system for foreigner regulations and compliances

In summary, this office provides a comprehensive and unified framework within which consistent progress in the International arena can seamlessly be achieved.

Objectives of Office of International Relations:

  1. Enhancing the visibility of the institution 
  2. Further, develop and enhance partnerships and networks in the wider international world.
  3. Promote global citizenship through increasing faculty and student mobility
  4. Promote and expand international research co-operation

Our Team:

Contact Details

Office of International Relations
5th Floor
Rajagiri Business School
Pappakudath Road, Kakkanad, Rajagiri Valley, Kochi, 
Kerala, India
Pin: 682039
Landline: +91 484 2660 684, 686, 688, 690