FPM Admission 2021

Summer Internships

Summer Internship is a life-changing experience for students of Rajagiri Business School. It is indeed the most effective way through which a fresher gets an understanding of the real work scenario and problems. It consists of understanding the organization and industry in-depth & detail, identifying the business problem, research and recommending the solutions and working closely in the chosen domain. The rigour and standards the institutes demand from each student for the internship is high. We encourage and insist students go out of their state of domicile and join organizations that could provide them with a great learning experience. Faculty members are regularly sent to various organizations in the middle of two month long internships to review the progress and also to meet with the Mentors in organizations to guide the students effectively.

With the aim of hiring full-time employees on completion of the course, many reputed organizations have been conducting recruitment processes at the institute to select first-year students as interns for the April-May period. Students are given adequate training and orientation by the faculty and industry expert to easily accustom to the requirement of the organization.

Connect with us for Summer Internship:  internship@rajagiri.edu