FPM Admission 2021

Add-on Certifications

H R Analytics

The objective of the training is to conduct the H R Analytics for the students. This is a statistical training where insights and information is derived using the tool R. R is an analytical tool for performing statistical analysis in any data environment.
A reputed external agency will be conducting the course as well as the course evaluation for the students to evaluate their skills on domain, analytics, critical thinking, conceptual knowledge, detailed understanding of R and Tableau programming languages.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is the fundamental in all fields. Digital Marketing as the latest tool helps an organisation in branding and promoting through various channels / avenues - to mention a few - the Internet, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and SMS. Digital Marketing is the driving force in reaching out to a large number of audiences with little or no investment.
The course is conducted by a reputed external agency. The students learn to create websites, maintain websites and get paid for every visitor to the website as Pay per click. A certification course in Digital Marketing will enhance the employment opportunities of the students.



Rajagiri is continuously engaged in delivering additional value adding and certification programs to the students.  In this regard Rajagiri has joined hands with NISM   in offering various certification programs applicable for different vertices of Indian securities markets. These examinations are being developed by NISM as mandated under SEBI (Certification of Associated Persons in the Securities Markets) Regulation, 2007.  The students can take these certification programs and the course fee is partly reimbursed by the college to the successful candidates.  The college also offers 15 hours of tutorials to help students prepare for these certification examinations.  

Italian Language

The Italian language course is offered to achieve basic knowledge of the Italian language, culture and lifestyle of Italy. Knowing the language is essential to understand many aspects of the passionate Italian lifestyle. Also enhance the chances of taking higher education or international positions.
Learning “La Bella Lingua” is also a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Indeed, many of our students proudly claim that they begin to see a new side to themselves, becoming more expressive, open and carefree as they learn to communicate like Italians.


South Korean Language

Learning the Korean language is certainly a good hedge.
Knowing how to speak Korean could be an asset as it could open doors to many opportunities because very few are learning the language right now. Coupled with your academic degrees and experience, your ability to speak Korean increases your chances to be hired.
The Korean language will equip you with an outstanding knowledge of the country’s historic background, architects, foods, socio-economic and political life. You can have a one-of-a-kind unique opportunity to dive into its culture and explore a new world.


Communication Essentials

Effective communication involves the four skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Good listening which is a passive skill leads to good speaking and good reading leads to good writing. For gaining a meaningful grasp of any subject, all the aforementioned skills need honing from time to time.  For this, the students need to be exposed to salutary situations to develop each of these skills for effective written and spoken skills which will reflect in the content presented by them. The ideal methods for improving speaking skills are participating in discussions, watching good movies, listening to good speeches and lectures in the English language. This will help them enrich their vocabulary and pronunciation. Similarly, the students ought to expose themselves to masterly writing by reading select books, articles and newspapers so that they improve their skills in structuring good sentences devoid of spelling errors.

Written Analysis and Decision Making:

This course would contribute to the overall decision-making skill of the participants. After going through this course, students would be able to cut through the clutter of available information and utilize appropriate decision making framework to take optimal decisions. This course would enable its participants to weigh various consequences of particular decisions on multiple parameters.
 Communicating decisions to its intended recipient is also equally important aspect of decision-making process. This course would also impart the skills of articulating business decisions in the form of a document with clarity and brevity. This course would be split into mainly two parts; Decision Making & Communication. This course would be a delivered with a mix of in-class case learning and individual presentations on case analysis. 



The world today is talking in the language of data, so to make our students equip with tools and techniques to understand and interpret meaning from data. We train our students in analytical tool like Structural equation modelling. This course provides a foundation for data analysis. The basic objective of this course is to impart the skill based on problem solving, data analytics and interpretation. These skills imparted through this course can be helpful for making better decision by young budding managers. The major outcomes of the course are Decision making and analyzing real-time situation based on quantitative data. 


A spreadsheet is a grouping of text and numbers in a rectangular grid or table. Spreadsheets are often used in business for budgeting, inventory management, and financial reporting because they unite text, numbers, and charts within one document. They can also be employed for personal use for planning a personal budget, tracking expenses, or creating a list of personal items. The advantage of an electronic spreadsheet is that the content can be easily edited and updated to reflect changing financial conditions. Microsoft Excel is a highly popular and powerful spreadsheet application used for interpreting a wide variety of data used in financial reports to scienti¬fic articles.
In this certification course you learn how to use this tool effectively. You learn how to use the basic functionalities of Microsoft Excel namely, formats, themes, functions, graphs, pivot tables and more.