FPM Admission 2021

International Students

Directions for International students to apply in Rajagiri.

If you are an international student interested in doing a Trimester or more at Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, please follow the below instrucions.

Step 1:

  • You are directed to choose any of the following Trimesters  to study the management subjects at Rajagiri.
  • Monsoon: June to October. Trimester I and IV.
  • Winter: October to January. Trimester II and V.
  • Spring: January to April. Trimester III and VI.

Step 2:

You may also go through the choice of  subjects that are being offered during these trimesters in Rajagiri Valley campus  for selecting the subjects. You are advised to restrict the selection of subjects being offered in any one trimester so as to avoid clashes in class timings. You may refer  the syllabus given in programme pages such as MBA, MHRM and PGDM for the entire list of subjects being offered in Rajagiri.  In case you need the detailed syllabus of the subjects you plan to choose, please  contact riier@rajagiri.edu.

Step 3:

Once you have chosen the subjects and trimester, please send a letter of interest to riier@rajagiri.edu with the following details.

  1.  Scanned copy of the passport
  2. Letter of interest with period of study mentioned. You can also mention the subjects chosen but this is not mandatory.
  3. Marks card copy or Transcript copy of the latest semester of Graduate or Under graduate programme.

After verifying the details, International office will process  your request and will issue your offer letter in one week’s time with which you can start processing the appropriate Indian Visa.

Students who  are interested in intership oppurtunities can also apply to Rajagiri and work with its associated companies in India in  any of the following domains for a period of 1 to 2 months.

  1. Marketing
  2. Human Resources
  3. Operations /  Logistics /  Supply Chain
  4. Systems (IT)
  5. Media and Advertising
  6.  International Business
  7. Finance

If you are a student representing any of our partnering universities, there will not be any tuition fee charged for the study abroad programme at Rajagiri or the corporate internship arranged by the college. You will  have to meet your food and accommodation expenses in/off campus.

  Directions for International students to Apply for Full time programmes@ Rajagiri.

If you are an international student who would like to join any of the full time Management Post Graduate Programme viz MBA, PGDM, MHRM or Twinning programme at  Rajagiri you need to follow the application procedure as detailed in the ‘Admission Process’. Submit the filled up application form with the marks cards from Xth, XIIth and Undergraduation. The only difference is that you need not write the national tests like MAT, CAT, CMAT etc as the Indian students do but your interview will be done through skype or video conferencing. ‘Click here’ for application and details of admissions.