Admissions 2020


PGDM in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development programme (PGDM IEV) is a two-year programme spread over six trimesters with full-time classes during the first three trimesters and evening and weekend classes for the last three trimesters. The PGDM IEV is awarded on the successful completion of all the six trimesters of the programme.  PGDM IEV will develop the entrepreneurial skills of the participants while imparting knowledge and skills required for the systematic design, implementation and operation of a business venture. This is a new offering from Rajagiri Business School. The curriculum is designed to equip the students to start a venture that delivers the designed products and generates benefits as per the business plan developed by them.

The programme structure contains seven compulsory core courses and a set of fourteen elective courses aimed at developing industry-specific skills and knowledge in the industry of the participants' proposed venture.  Additionally, the student will require to study the feasibility of entry into a minimum of two market segments, undergo internship at an operating unit to understand the basics of starting up a business and complete a capstone project based on the proposed venture. During the second year, the participant learns to work with existing startups, learn to pitch ideas to prospective investors and eventually start the new venture.

Those who succeed in establishing their venture by the end of year one has the option of moving out on a full-time basis to run the venture. They have the option of re-joining the course anytime within two years. Such persons will be issued a Certificate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development on fulfilling all the course components of the first three trimesters.