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23rd International Conference on IT Applications and Management

Location: RBS Date: 05/Feb/2020 - 07/Feb/2020

The 23rd International Conference on IT Applications and Management was conducted from February 5th to 7th at RBS (Host & Venue). It was organized in association with  International ITAM society and was supported by the Korea Database Strategy Society (KDSS)

40 participants affiliated to 17 institutions and drawn from 8 countries attended the conferences as detailed below.

# County No. of Institutions No. of  participants
1 India 5 9
2 Indonesia 1 1
3 Korea 5 7
4 Nepal 1 5
5 Malaysia 1 13
6 Taiwan 2 2
7 Thailand 1 2
8 U.K. 1 1
  Total 17 40

The 251-page proceedings book had 40 papers. Selected papers from the proceedings will be published in the special edition of Journal of IT Applications and Management / International Journal of  Operations & Quantitative Management (Scopus listed)

As a part of the ITAM 23 conference, all the Delegates and faculty members of the Operations Management area visited Agappe Diagnostics Ltd. which is the largest Reagent factory in India. Delegates were fully impressed by the automated manufacturing systems as well as the Green practices of the Company. (They have zero discharge of wastewater and almost fully manage their plant water requirements through rainwater harvesting.)

A presentation and interactive session were arranged at GLC, RBS by Dentcare Dental Lab Pvt. Ltd. Dentcare has the largest denture manufacturing facility in Asia. They have fully automated and IoT enabled data gathering and manufacturing facilities which enables the manufacture of dentures based on scanned images transmitted over the Internet. All the participants appreciated the practical applications of IT in manufacturing and customer support deployed by Dentcare.

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